Meet the Pastor

Josef Berthold

My name is Josef and I am the Pastor of West End Mennonite Fellowship. My wife Brenda and I have been married for 31 years and have lived in Lancaster since 1995. We have three sons. Dominik and Jeremy live in Lancaster. Our oldest son, Micah, is no longer with us, but we are grateful he shared his happy, energetic, years of his life with us for 18 years.
Pastoring is not just a job but truly a calling. I love people and I cannot think of something more beautiful than seeing the lonely, fatherless and those who have been sidelined by society finding a family with the people of God. Creating new communities of faith with this kind of heart is my passion. West End is an unpolished but honest bunch of people, who welcome all into a safe and healing community in which we grow to be like Jesus and join him in extending his kingdom to the world.
If you would like to join the movement of God and think that West End can be your home for that, you are more than welcome